As part of Magic week at Link4Life Touchstones Gallery we did some magic trick with python programming language. Including a guess your age game... It's just logic and probability really aint it...

A project for counting people using a Raspberry pi and a passive infrared sensor.

The heritagehackers was tasked with creating a people counter for use in Rochdale Touchstones art gallery, with the goal of counting the total vistors to the gallery each day.

I searched for exisiting projects and found this project

The project seemed to suits our needs, So we set about building it.



A project to play clips of Gracie fields music and various sounds from rochdale at the push of a button.

This project uses a raspberrypi,python programming language and various simple electronic components to acheive the proects goal of playing sound files at the press of a button.
Embedded thumbnail for Gracie Fields Iconancastic Fish And Chip Sample Box


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